CityTrees Awarded $42,000 Environmental Grant to Plant Trees, Fall 2019

August 8, 2019

CityTrees, has been awarded a $42,300 grant to plant and maintain 129 trees to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gases. The award is provided by Cal Fire’s Social Equity Grant Improvement Program and is distributed by California ReLeaf.

Fifty-eight trees will be planted on six high school campuses, in partnership with the Sequoia Union High School District, and 71 trees will be planted in a designated disadvantaged community (DAC) in partnership with Redwood City's Department of Public Works. CityTrees will also provide educational seminars describing the importance of tree care and maintenance. High school students will benefit from an annual seminar and side by side participation at planting and pruning events.

In addition to reducing greenhouse gases, this project is expected to reduce fossil fuel based energy use, reduce urban heat, and restore wildlife habitat.

CityTrees Board President, Simms Duncan says, “During their lives, these new trees will remove over 500 tons of greenhouse gases from the environment while transforming concrete landscapes and beautifying the city and surrounding communities. We invite all community members to come out and join our work.”

To volunteer at plantings on this project, please sign up at https://signup.com/go/ZTAZsZi.

CityTrees celebrates Arbor Week 2019 with a PG&E/California ReLeaf Planting

April 28, 2019

On Saturday, April 20th, CityTrees volunteers planted 29 Flowering Cherry and Eastern Redbud trees in the Radio Road and Canvasback Way areas of Redwood Shores. This event was made possible through a PG&E grant funded through California ReLeaf with the support of CalFire and the USDA Forest Service to celebrate Arbor Week 2019.

CityTrees thanks all 23 community volunteers who gave their morning, as well as the City of Redwood City Public Works department staff, who enabled us to complete this work quickly and effectively. Thanks go as well to City Council member Diana Reddy for helping us to open this successful event.

The Return of Native Tree Species to the Redwood Creek Area, Part II

January 21, 2019

On Saturday, January 12th, CityTrees, Grassroots Ecology and Kaiser Permanente volunteers planted 10 trees along Redwood Creek, near the Kaiser Permanente Redwood City site, at the intersection of Veterans and Main. This event was made possible through a partnership between Grassroots Ecology, Redwood City Parks and Recreation and CityTrees to restore native species to the area, and was funded by a grant from the Coastal Conservancy.

In October last year, 22 coast live oaks, valley oaks, buckeyes and big leaf maples were planted on the southern creek bank, after the removal of palm trees from the site. This time round, tree planting took place on the northern banks that border Main Street and Veterans Blvd.

CityTrees 2018 Newsletter

December 21, 2018

CityTrees has now wrapped up its 2018 planting and pruning events and workshops. Please check out our annual newsletter that details many of the collaborative projects we have been up to this past year. We look forward to working with many more partners, community volunteers and local organizations in 2019!

CityTrees 2018 Newsletter.pdf

The Return of Native Tree Species to the Redwood Creek Area

November 1, 2018

On Saturday, October 20th, CityTrees and Kaiser Permanente volunteers planted 22 trees along Redwood Creek, near the Kaiser Permanente Redwood City site, at the intersection of Veterans and Main. This event was made possible through a partnership between Grassroots Ecology, Redwood City Parks and Recreation and CityTrees to restore native species to the area, and was funded by a Grassroots Ecology grant from the Coastal Conservancy.

The palm trees that were previously on the site were removed by the City of Redwood City in September. Coast live oaks, valley oaks, buckeyes, and big leaf maples were planted to take their place. This event was coordinated by CityTrees' education lead Tom Cronin and is one part of a multi-stage effort to restore the creek area.

(Over) 48 Trees in 48 Hours

October 19, 2018

CityTrees has kept up with its pruning into the fall. In the past week, our education guru Tom Cronin led community service students at Everest Public High School in a pruning workshop, which included classroom work as well as outside practical work to tidy up 22 trees near campus. In addition, a team from our Board of Directors tackled the trees at the Port of Redwood City in a pruning session that left 28 trees tidied nicely. This brings our overall pruning total to over 3,200 trees in the course of CityTrees' existence.

Another Successful Summer Prune & Pub Season

September 2, 2018

It's a wrap! Our Summer 2018 Prune & Pub season has come to a close, but not before our committed local volunteers helped to prune 186 Redwood City trees (between May and August). Thank you to all those who came out to help keep our city streets looking good, and also to Redwood City's Public Works and Parks departments for dealing with all the tree material that got trimmed away.

CityTrees Celebrates Arbor Day at Sequoia High School

May 25, 2018

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, CityTrees celebrated Arbor Day at Sequoia High School with a well-attended planting and clearing event. With funding from PG&E via a California ReLeaf grant and in partnership with the Sequoia High School administration, Sequoia High School Alumni Association and the Davey Tree Expert Company, CityTrees volunteers planted 8 large trees on the grounds of Sequoia High School. Five more trees were planted by Redwood City's Public Works Department on the street nearby. Prior to the planting, the team also coordinated the removal of dead stumps from the grounds as well.

Redwood City's Mayor Ian Bain and Mark Camfield from Redwood City's Public Works Department opened the Arbor Day event by unveiling this year's Tree City U.S.A. recognition.

It was a successful event with great fun had by student and community volunteers alike. Please keep an eye out as these new trees grow taller along the fence line of the school property along El Camino and Broadway.

CityTrees in the News

May 21, 2018

Before our April 28th celebration of Arbor Day at Sequoia High School, CityTrees was featured in the San Mateo Daily Journal. It gives a good overview about what CityTrees is all about. If you are interested in volunteering with CityTrees, please register your interest on our website. We are in Prune & Pub mode now, but will start our planting events again in the Fall. We'd love to have you join us!

CityTrees Recognized at Redwood City's Annual "State of the City"

May 20, 2018

On Monday, May 14, 2018 CityTrees was features in Redwood City's Annual "State of the City" presentation. Redwood City Councilman (and former mayor) Jeff Ghee thanked CityTrees for the nearly 20-year partnership it has had with the RWC Public Works Department, which has resulted in the planting of over 3,200 trees on the streets and in the parks and public spaces of Redwood City. CityTrees President Simms Duncan and Vice President Nancy Radcliffe were on hand to accept the accolades from the City Council and assembled residents (about 35:50 on the video).

CityTrees to Celebrate Arbor Day at Sequoia High School, Saturday April 28th

March 30, 2018

In partnership with PG&E, Davey Tree Expert Company, the Sequoia High School Alumni Association and the Sequoia High School Administration, CityTrees will celebrate Arbor Day by planting 8 large trees on the historic Sequoia High School campus. Planting will take place on Saturday, April 28th 2018 from 9am-12 noon. This event will also include clean-up and stump removal in a segment of the campus. Additionally, the Redwood City Department of Public Works will be planting trees on the streets surrounding the high school.

Please come join us! No prior experience is required. To volunteer for this free and fun event, please sign up here.

Funding for this project has been provided by PG&E via California ReLeaf. The Davey Tree Expert Company is co-sponsoring the event and will provide expertise and equipment.

CityTrees in the News

March 18, 2018

CityTrees' recent work at the Redwood City PAL Community Center on Bay Road was featured in the February 2018 issue of Spectrum magazine. Check it out on Page 15 here!

Chestnut Street Planting - February 24, 2018

March 2, 2018

On Saturday, February 24th CityTrees planted 7 hornbeam trees (Carpinus betulus) along Chestnut Street and pruned/checked on another 35 trees along Main Street. Thanks go to all the volunteers who came out to support this event!

CityTrees 2018 Tree Pruning Workshop

February 10, 2018

CityTrees and the Redwood City Public Works Department will be holding our annual Tree Pruning Workshop on Saturday, March 10, from 10AM to 1PM at the Redwood Shores Library, 399 Marine Parkway, Redwood City. This practical workshop will focus on what you can do as a volunteer with CityTrees to help train and maintain the trees around Redwood City.

To sign up for this workshop, please visit http://signup.com/go/rmedQRf. (A suggested donation of $15 is requested to help CityTrees maintain our on-going program of planting, maintenance and education/advocacy for our local urban canopy.)

2017 Fall Newsletter

January 11, 2018

2017 was a busy year for CityTrees. Teams of volunteers planted 150 trees to mark Redwood City's Sesquicentennial. In addition, CityTrees launched a Tree Heroes Student Program and a four-session class for teens on the value of trees in partnership with the Redwood City Public Library.

For more information, please check out our 2017 Annual Newsletter. If you are interested in supporting CityTrees in 2018, please see our Volunteer and Donate pages for more information.

CityTrees Interview on Pen Voice

November 15, 2017

Recently, CityTrees' Board of Directors President Simms Duncan spoke with Pen Voice host Dani Gasparini about CityTrees and the work we do. Check it out!

22 New Street Trees in Redwood Shores

November 9, 2017

Thanks to the generous help of local volunteers, CityTrees planted 22 trees around various locations in Redwood Shores on Saturday, October 21, 2017. If you are out and about in Redwood Shores (today and in years to come!), remember to check out the new Honey Locusts, Brisbane Boxes, California Peppers, Desert Divas, Swamp Myrtles and Stone Pines!

17 New Trees at Roosevelt School

July 3, 2017

A heartfelt three cheers to the students, parents and staff at Roosevelt School who helped put 17 trees in the ground today to expand the canopy over their campus! CityTrees pioneered it's Tree Heroes Program with this event, partnering with the RWC School District to work with schools to educate students about the numerous and significant benefits of learning how to plant and care for trees. Come say hello to the Live Oaks, Deodar Cedars and Sycamore we put in the ground today!

See more photos on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CityTreesRWC/

Fall 2016 Newsletter / Year in Review

December 9, 2018

Learn about our large NFL supported planting, expanded pruning programs that touched nearly 300 trees this year, our the partnership with the San Mateo County Youth Services & much more from our current newsletter! View the newsletter here.

49 Trees Planted on Main Street

April 7, 2016

Thanks to the financial support of the NFL Foundation and the logistical support of Redwood City Public Works Department we planted 49 trees along Main Street in Redwood City. Come check out the new trees between 84 and Maple Street! Rain showers didn't stop us, and we even got a rainbow.

March 19th Pruning at Sequoia High School

April 7, 2016

We had a great time on March 19th pruning at Sequoia High School with 17 enthusiastic volunteers, including seven from the Sequoia High School Key Club. With their help, we pruned nearly 50 trees, which will help keep the trees in good condition for many years to come!