Our Mission is to improve the quality of life in the greater Redwood City area through a coordinated program of education, outreach, and advocacy for tree planting, maintenance and support.

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CityTrees Celebrates Arbor Day 2018 at Sequoia High School

CityTrees Recognized at RWC "State of the City"

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CityTrees is busy in its Prune & Pub mode for the summer months, tidying up some of the trees along Redwood City's streets. Our planting events will start up again in the fall. Follow us here or on Facebook.

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CityTrees celebrates Arbor Day at Sequoia High School

CityTrees in the News

CityTrees Recognized at the Redwood City "State of the City" Presentation

CityTrees Upcoming Events

2018 Prune & Pub dates:

Calling all past and present pruning volunteers. Our 2018 Prune & Pub dates have been set. (These activities require training and are only suitable for those who have participated in the past, or have participated in our Pruning Workshop.)

Saturday, August 18th, 9am (Prune & Pub in the Park)

Thursday August 23rd, 6pm

(Location information will be provided as we get closer to the date after you sign up via the link below.)

CityTrees in the News

Check out our mentions in the local press to see how CityTrees and our volunteers are making a difference in your community!

Why do we do what we do, and why are we so passionate about street trees?

This guy breaks down some pretty good reasons for growing our urban canopy.

About CityTrees

CityTrees is a volunteer group, formed in May of 2000, to promote and support urban forestry efforts in Redwood City. CityTrees works with the City of Redwood City Public Works Department to plant and maintain trees along Redwood City’s streets, at schools, and on other publicly owned property. Since forming, CityTrees has planted 3,233 trees in the greater Redwood City area.