About Us

Board of Directors

The CityTrees Board of Directors is comprised of members of the community who volunteer their time to ensure the CityTrees planting and pruning programs run smoothly.

CityTrees Board of Directors, taken at June 2019 meeting


Simms Duncan serves as the President of CityTrees' Board of Directors. Simms has served on the CityTrees' Board since 2012, and he volunteered with CityTrees for 5 years before that. In addition to CityTrees, Simms serves on the Board of Port Commissioners for the Port of Redwood City. In his professional life, Simms is a finance executive in the solar energy industry. Simms has lived in the Mount Carmel neighborhood of Redwood City since 1999. He is married and has 2 sons.

Vice President (Programs)

Filip Crnogorac is a recent addition to the CityTrees' Board of Directors and, in addition to serving as past Events Co-Chair, also leads CityTrees’ Pruning and Young Tree Care program. Coming from Canada via Stanford, his first civic involvement was a successful effort in amending Redwood City ordinance to allow beekeeping. Filip is excited to plant native species that support bee colony health, as well as drought tolerant trees that will contribute to the city's urban forest for generations to come. Resident of Palm Park neighborhood, Filip is excited to help raise community interest in planting, caring for, and enjoying the city's natural heritage.

Vice President (Outreach & Development)

Autumn Quinn is a native of California, and has lived in Redwood City for the last six years with her family. She has been a CityTrees volunteer since 2013, and served on the Board of Directors starting in 2015. Autumn's interest in CityTrees began with their pruning program, and her passion is for pruning fruit trees for better productivity and tree health. She's been thrilled to expand her knowledge to also pruning street trees to beautify her city. Autumn works in the tech industry by day, and also assists with the CityTrees web presence.


David Grabel serves as the CityTrees Treasurer. David has been volunteering with CityTrees for 3 years and has been on the Board of Directors for one year. A 19-year resident of Redwood City, David also volunteers on the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury. His daughter Elana (which means "tree" in Hebrew!) has been known to occasionally show up at Prune and Pubs.

Events Chair

Karen Fine has lived in Redwood City since 1992, when she began a third career as an elementary school teacher with the Redwood City School District. Always an activist for peace, justice and the environment, Karen joined CityTrees in 2001 and has been involved continuously except for two years (2014-2016) when she was in the Peace Corps in rural South Africa. As well as CityTrees, Karen (now retired) volunteers with Habitat for Humanity at the Restore, Peninsula Food Runners and Second Harvest Food Bank.


Tom Cronin has lived in Redwood City for over 35 years and has been a volunteer and board member of CityTrees since 2002. He is currently the chair of the Education Committee and a former President and Vice President of the board. His professional life has included 20+ years in the tech sector, 10 years in the non-profit world and now he is semi-retired and runs a small gardening business. In addition to CityTrees, he volunteers with the Incredible Edible group and helps install community gardens and orchards. His 3 daughters have all had an opportunity to volunteer at plantings with CityTrees.

Members at Large

A native of Colorado, Georgi LaBerge has lived in Redwood City for nearly 60 years. Her professional career includes serving as executive director of the San Mateo County Community College Foundation and the Redwood City Library Foundation. Georgi was elected to the Redwood City Council in 1986, serving for three terms, two years as mayor. A longtime volunteer, she currently is involved with human trafficking awareness and Earth sustainability. She and her husband, Warren Dale, have received numerous awards for their volunteer work.

John Lombardo is a native of the Bay Area and has lived in Redwood City for over 10 years. He has volunteered with CityTrees since 2017. In addition to CityTrees, he is an active volunteer with his local St. Vincent de Paul chapter as well as Habitat for Humanity Global Village. He has spent his career working in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, and besides being an advocate for trees and reforestation efforts, he enjoys cooking, gardening, and rooting on his local sports teams.

Nancy Radcliffe joined CityTrees in 2000 when she met founder Jane Taylor at the Partnership Academy for Community Teamwork (PACT). While acting on the board, Nancy has served in many capacities, most recently as the VP of Marketing and Outreach (2016-2018).

When not at a planting or pruning you can find her volunteering at the Library Foundation, Redwood City International, neighborhood co-chair or as a Chairperson of the Planning Commission. A native Californian, Nancy is proud of her multi-generational connection to Redwood City.

Pat Sehl has called Redwood City home since 1997. She has been a volunteer with City Trees since 2005. As part of Redwood City’s 150th anniversary celebration, Pat was selected as one of the participants in The Faces of Our Community Project to acknowledge her work and volunteer efforts in the community. Pat has worked in the biotech industry as well as in education. She is recently retired and is always open to another adventure.

Jack Stephens has been a Redwood City resident since 1994. He helped to found CityTrees, and served as Secretary until 2018. He has developed industry standards and benchmarks in the database and storage industry for 30 years. In addition to his work at CityTrees, Jack is active in the Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club, and its many hands-on projects.


CityTrees Co-Founder Jane Taylor is no longer active in the day-to-day activities of CityTrees, but she remains involved on select projects, is vigilant in watching out for the trees in our community, and educates about the value of trees in urban settings and about how critical trees are in the fight against climate change. Jane lives in Redwood City with her husband Paul and two teenage daughters. She continues to be an active community volunteer for a wide variety of causes, but in particular, for the Girl Scouts, the Redwood City Woman's Club and as a Sequoia High School Parent. As a fun fact - Jane has had trees in her family going all the way back to ancestor Johnathon Chapman, a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed.


Dan Beeder grew up in Arizona and Colorado and always had a love of the outdoors and a long-time fascination with trees. He first became involved with CityTrees in 2001, becoming a board member shortly thereafter. Dan acted as the CityTrees tree maintenance (pruning) director for about 9 years. He is currently serving as Board Member Emeritus.

Dan has lived in the Mount Carmel neighborhood since 1998. He is married and has two daughters. When not working as a systems engineer in the satellite industry, he is an avid cook, hiker and skier.